What to Expect

Your photographs will be remembered on book shelves, walls in your home, framed as gifts and even on holiday cards. Understanding what to expect will make the process that much enjoyable.



Putting together your attire is your only homework. I have some helpful hints that will make it easy.  The trend of jeans and matching white shirts have been retired as “been there, done that.” However, coordinating colors is still great in front of the camera. Stray away from too “matchy-matchy.” Don’t be afraid of color and prints. Pops of color through stripes or animal print can give that wow factor. Bright tones can bring great depth to your pictures and bring out the color in your faces. Jewel tones are very pretty and can be brought on through accent pieces such as a scarf, tie or a cardigan. Since there will be many shots taken, I always advise to bring a change of clothes or bring different accessories to change-up the shoot. Let’s have some fun!

Accessories to keep in mind: hats, scarves, necklaces, hair bows, ties, tutus, cozy blankets, toys, sports equipment. Find things that are meaningful to your family.

The Location:

There are several outdoor locations that can be perfect. Areas that have more greenery and textures always look amazing. I also have a couple backdrops and lots of props to use. If you have a perfect location in mind, I am happy to visit there prior to our shoot.


Lighting is an important factor. It’s best to shoot early in the morning or late afternoon. Again, depending on the year and season, I will tell you what time is best.


Timing is always a factor for the “Littles.” Shooting around their schedules is key, but can be challenging. I always do my best to make it work! Having multiple snacks on hand really helps. Please be sure to bring sippy cups, binkys, clothes, diapers, wipes, even an extra blanket. If they are old enough, reward for good behavior (I’m not promoting bribery! :)). The unexpected always happens. If we are shooting with an infant, bring a couple of prepared bottles.

Our session will last approximately 60 minutes for family & children.

Plan on 2 hours for a newborn. It is best to contact me one month prior to your due date to schedule your sitting.